Principal's Message
"In order for students to succeed in school, they must be provided with a safe environment that promotes learning. At Black Mesa Community School, we have high expectations of our students both academically and behaviorally. It is an extremely important part of a total educational program to guide students in developing self-discipline. To accomplish this goal, rules and consequences must be clearly stated and adhered to. Discipline is the responsibility of everyone on the school grounds, school buses and at home. Good discipline and learning go hand-in-hand. To this end, students must be encouraged to become self-disciplined and behave with attention to both personal goals and concern for others".
Common Core State Standards:
In June 2010, the Common Core State Standards Initiative released Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, and Mathematics. The Common Core State Standards is an outlined guide of what students are expected to learn and what is expected of them. These clearly stated outlines are used by teachers as a guide to help students meet the standards. Standards also help students and parents by setting clear and realistic goals for success and get students ready for college and beyond.

K - 8th Grade Reading and Math Programs

Students grades K - 8th are given a daily task of sharpening their math and reading skills. The lessons are accompanied by the Common Core State Standards to guide teachers as they work through it.

The following are some of the main focuses of studies in reading: reading, comprehension, listening and speaking, grammar, writing, fiction and nonfiction short stories, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and oral tradition

The lower grades level starts with learning basic numbers, adding and subtracting single digit numbers, basic problem solving and strategies. With each grade level the lessons advance, in upper levels students start working with two-digit numbers, adding and subtracting two digit numbers, problem solving, beginning multiplication and division, multiplying and dividing single digit numbers, grade level algebra and geometry. The more advanced levels introduce students to solving basic algebraic equations, learning basic geometry using volume of solids and plane figures, multiplying and dividing two-digit and three-digit numbers, adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying and dividing decimals, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions, adding and subtracting mixed numbers, multiplying and dividing mixed numbers, measurements.

The upper grades, junior high, students advance into the world of fractions, algebra, and geometry.

Other programs are also scheduled in. Students have Social Studies, Science, P.E., and Navajo Studies twice a week.

First Thing's First Program under Parents as Teachers

First Thing's First Program hosted at Black Mesa School. First Thing's First is a program under Parents as Teachers. Parents as Teachers is a program developed to get parents involved in the early childhood development of their child/children. The Parents as Teachers evolved in the 1970's in Missouri which is now used in all 50 states. The purpose of this program is to get parents involved in their child/children's learning development. Research showed that greater parent involvement is a critical link in the child/children's development of learning skills, including reading and writing. The early years of a child's life is the most crucial for learning development.

The First Thing's First Program office is located on the Black Mesa School campus. The Parent Educators travel out for home visits.

  • Parent Educators
  • Karen L. Bahe
  • Perry C. Begay

They serve families in the Black Mesa, Pinon, Low Mountain, Forest Lake, Whippoorwill, Blue Gap and Rough Rock vicinities. First Thing's First is currently enrolling babies born between the year 2011 and March 31, 2012. This criteria may change as they are now engaged in a three-year case study. Upon completion of the case study rules of enrollment may change. The Parent Educators make biweekly visits to families they currently serve. The purpose of the Parent Educators visits is to get the parents involved in their child/children's learning development. The 3 areas of emphasis during a home visit are Parent-Child Interaction, Development-Centered Parenting and Family Well-Being. Parent-Child Interaction: Encouraging quality interactions between child/children and parents or other family members. Development-Centered Parenting: Discussing developmental topics such as child development and parenting decisions. Family Well-Being: Getting parents and family members involved in creating a safe and healthy environment for their child/children. And every month families receive books from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Parents also have the opportunity to get help with outside resources such as going back to school should one decide to do so. This is just a brief description of some of the things First Thing's First will provide to a family. If you would like to know more about the program contact one of the Parent Educators.

Special Education Department

Black Mesa School also offers a program for students with unique needs. The Special Education Department serves students with specific learning disabilities, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and speech language impairment.

Phyllis M Rose - Certified Special Education Teacher/Student Counselor
If you want more information about the Special Ed program please contact Mrs. Rose.

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